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About Caleb Martel

Early Life and Education:
  Caleb Seth Martel was raised in a Christian home in the rural farm town of Roaring Spring, Pennsylvania. His family has been actively involved in an independent, fundamental Baptist church, where Caleb continues to serve. He graduated from the church’s school in 2020 and earned his Bachelor's Degree of Science in Music Ministries from Golden State Baptist College in 2024.

Musical Journey:
  Caleb’s musical journey began at the age of twelve when he started playing the guitar. By fourteen, he had expanded his repertoire to include the banjo, trumpet, and harmonica. His passion for music led him to continuously learn new instruments, with piano becoming his primary focus just before he left for college. In the summer of 2022, Caleb served as the tour pianist for Commonwealth Baptist College’s “Voices of Revival” men’s quartet, marking a significant milestone in his musical career.

Current Pursuits and Aspirations:
  Caleb is dedicated to teaching the next generation about Christ-honoring music. He focuses on musical instruments, music theory, the Biblical philosophy of music, and how it applies to the local church. Caleb’s vision is to inspire others to appreciate and engage in music that honors Christ, fulfilling a significant need in today’s world.

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